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Paul Vitty

writer & director



Any moment the door to Dove and Robin’s house will be smash down and they will disappear forever, for a crime they can’t recall committing. As Dove reminisces about a time when misplaced words weren’t a death sentence, can Robin find a way for them to survive?



Bruised egos and broke, two forgotten rock stars have been thrown an unlikely lifeline; the record executive they befriended the night before bet he would release them a hit album, but there’s a catch; they have to record it together.  Coming from very different bands and wrapped up in a caricature of who they used to be, can they overcome their animosity and confront the hurt of a life never quite fulfilled?  Is it their past or present they need to escape? Vinyl Encore is full of laughter, live music and the anarchic hope that rock and roll should never die.


Three sisters who have ended up living very separate lives gather to celebrate the eldest's engagement, but as it's her fourth this year, no one is certain if he even exists! As the evening progresses past resentments and old secrets emerge that could derail all their lives.  Biting wit and incredible heart, Lipstick and Scones is sure to make you laugh and maybe shed a tear or two.


A new version of Aristotle’s legendary comedy.





Average job, average life, David is bumbling his way through life in a general state of apathetic self-loathing. When a letter arrives late from the hospital, his world is thrown into chaos; he only has a day left to live! With nothing left to lose, he invites the office stunner for a date. As time runs out, can he find the courage to seize his last chance for love? With the help of his self-absorbed sister, a drunken best friend and an aggressive prostitute what could possibly go wrong?


A powerful and tense journey into an African world of passion, power and politics. Kinoro?s hotel, once a symbol of the optimism of an independent Africa, thirty years on is decaying around him. He?s determined to stop it becoming engulfed by the world of war and corruption that threaten to collapse the country. With an idealistic UN General and a dispossessed white African already in the dining room a surprise visit by the ageing President throws Kinoro?s policy of strictly no politics into chaos. The danger turns deadly as a mysterious Commander appears, forcing them onto an explosive journey of loyalty, identity and secrets. Nothing is as it seems in this world of death, double dealing and delusion.



Life for Charlie should be pretty good; a new date on the horizon and he's finally escaped his over-bearing family. However, he has one problem, he's broke. With no money to pay the rent, he must think of a new scam quick. His flatmate, Rupert Debussy, a bitchy alcoholic and  failed actor offers little help. The surprise arrival of his prudish bossy big sister threatens to throw all his plans into chaos. Perhaps a naive student could be the answer to their problems! Why is Rupert being so neurotic? Can Charlie get rid of his sister? And is his mysterious femme-fatale date all that she seems?



It's mum's birthday. Bringing up three children and now grandchildren in a tense marriage, the Party is finally a chance to celebrate. Her husband wants everything to be perfected, which includes a rare visit to the house by his estranged son.  Often violent in his parenting, will the news of his father's terminal illness present a chance for reconciliation? Were people of their time or was what's wrong now always been wrong? Can people really change? Does holding on to past anger and hurt keep us true to ourselves or  are we allowing it to dictate who we are by being emotionally trapped in a world that’s already gone?







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Genre/ themes: Drama, dystopia, freedom of speech

Run time 20 minutes

Cast of 3




Genre/ Themes:Comic Drama, rock n roll, growing older, friendships

Run time 60 minutes

Cast 2M

cowritten with AW King









Genre/ Themes: Family, relationships, love, young carers, siblings,

Run time: 50/90 minutes

Cast of 3F, 3M





Genre/Themes: Comedy, classical, sex, gender, war, feminism, masculinity, politics

Run Time  120 minutes


Genre/Themes: Farce, friendships, dating, dealth, ageing

Run time 45 minutes, Cast of 2M 4F









Genre/Themes: Thriller, political, Africa, Historical, Global Politics

Run time 120












Genre/Themes: Farce, friendships, dating, love, siblings,

Cast 3M 2F

Run Time 90 minutes












Genre/Themes: Drama.  Family, death, childhood violence, love

Cast  3M 2F

Runtime 30





Vinyl Encore

Lipstick and Scones

Departure Date

The Devil Doesn't Drink Cava

The Tree That Hid The Forrest


Aladdin (cast of 5) , Cinderella (cast of 6) , Jack and the Beanstalk (cast of 5) , Little Red Riding Hood ( Cast of 4) Sinderella (Adult Pantomime, cast of 6), Sinderella 2:The Honeymoon ( Adult Pantomime, Cast of 8)


All of the scripts have been performed on numerous occasions. If you wish to obtain the rights to perform one of the scripts, Paul is always happy to update the script to include jokes specific to the year, cast or location the panto is being performed at. They can also be adapted to include additional cast members and to add further musical numbers.



Mighty Gran and The Jewel of The Nile (2018), Time Crooks ( 2017) ,The Magic Forrest  (2016), Diamond Volcano (2015), Planet of The Graves (2014), The Time Vampires (2013 ),The Castle of Doom (2012) The Space Detectives (2011), Captain Starlight and The Lost Jungle (2010) The Haunted Manor (2010)


All were originally performed at The Cornerhouse Arts Centre, Surrey. Written for children to be able to perform they feature larges casts of mixed ability children Paul is able to adapt them the size of the cast and stories to meet your needs. They are 30 - 45 minutes in length


Children's Adventure

lipstick and scones on stage
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