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Paul Vitty

writer & director



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Play Scripts

Film Script




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Bygones opening scene

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Extracts from A Tent in Africa






A Small Selection of Poems






Click here to view film script

Treatment for The Outsider


Paul has a wide selection of short film scrips available. Are you a director with an idea you need help writing? Paul is able to create scripts, redraft and revise first edits and create copy for your press kit




End of The Rhodes? - Should statues be removed?

Bright Young Things - The friendships of Edward II



Paul is able to write with authority on a wide range of topics specialising in historical context, society and global affairs.


He has worked in a senior management position and on the front line in family support, mental health, learning disabilities, Youth Homeless, addiction and a wide range of community led projects. As a result he is able to write with insight on a range of subject.


He is widely travelled having spent time on 5 different continents, including visiting Haiti and a wide range of Southern and Eastern Africa countries.


He has written numerous training manuals and education programmes. He has just completed writing a primary schools programme exploring Medieval England.






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