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Paul Vitty

writer & director



Paul Vitty is a Writer and Director who deserves support and acknowledgment. With the youthful exuberance of a young Kenneth Branagh and the audacious bravery of an early Orson Welles , He vociferously delivers an endless supply of ensemble led classical theatre and independent film; with a respect for the tradition of both disciplines and yet a maverick hunger to extend their boundaries....


AW King . Actor who since graduating from RADA in the mid 80 has appeared in doctors, Brookside, Hollyoaks and vast range of Shakespearean productions.



Paul Vitty is an engaging, dynamic and energetic tutor. Paul has delivered several workshops for South Hill Park Arts Centre and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for future work. Paul is able to establish a rapport with even the most hard-to-reach young people and inspire them to explore subjects as diverse as Shakespeare and Noel Coward. With his direct style, well-structured classes, and repertoire of games and activities, Paul is an effective and adaptable facilitator. Highly recommended.


Mark Hooper Associate Director & Head of Creative Learning, South Hill Park Arts Centre


For ten consecutive years, Paul has led a week long drama workshop for young carers, aged 7-17. It begins with a workshop, where the participants get to know each other and increase in confidence. Together they develop the theme and content of the play. Overnight, Paul writes a first draft, incorporating the ideas and wishes of the young carers, which is then further developed by the children and young people themselves. On the final day, a performance of 45 minutes takes place in front of family and friends.


Our families arrange their summer holidays to make sure the young carers can attend this week. Paul’s approach and manner with the participants is completely inclusive, insightful and very special. The outcomes are stunning, peer support, improved confidence and self esteem, strengthened emotional resilience, reduced isolation and increased aspiration.


Diane White CEO Kingston Carers Network


I have worked with Paul since 2012 and the first thing that struck me about his working practice is his dedication to educating his teams. In the five productions I have completed with him, I have watched his guide his actors on honing their discipline and refining skills often missed in many drama schools such as how to use stage presence to build self-confidence and as a centring exercise. Many of his adaptations are developed with specific team members in mind utilising character and content to build on that actor’s strengths and challenge a singular performance development area.

His work challenges understanding on various social subjects bringing audiences in with loveable characters, recognisable family situations and a large dose of energetic humour. In the rehearsal room, Paul bursts with enthusiasm for his craft and cannot help but to share that energy with his actors, technical and production teams. Often cheering from the side-lines his drive for personal development through professionalism supported by innovation and fun has led to professionals who have gone to work in puppetry, children’s theatre, Shakespearean productions and working directly for ITV.


Genevieve Ray - Producer , Director and Poet

Paul Vitty is one of the most unique and talented writers and directors I have had the pleasure of working with.Having been directing and writing from a very young age, Paul has many years worth of experience to draw on which have honed his natural instincts to find the dramatic heart of any scene or story. Paul has a wide textual

knowledge covering both classical and modern that enables him to turn his hand to anything from high classicaltragedy to children’s pantomime. Paul has a keen eye for detail that has been a huge benefit to the productions Ihave produced; whether it is the vocal inflection of a line delivery or an imprecise gesture this level of detailguides Paul’s actors to deliver rich and emotionally true performances that consistently engage and entertain audiences.


James Paul Taylor - Producer


Working with Paul has been a highlight in my acting career to date and  enabled me to further develop my own skill as an actor. Even after completing a four year Masters degree in Theatre, working with Paul has developed my acting skills and taught me so much more than I learned at University.   Paul Vitty  is a director who stands out as someone who endeavours to create pieces of the highest calibre. To someone viewing and /or participating in the pieces he directs and produces Paul appears to achieve such high standards with ease. But all his work is created and held together by a man who clearly knows and understands what he is doing; by a man who prepares and really thinks about what he is trying to do; by a man who listens to the concerns of his cast as well as to those of others involved in a particular production whilst all the while maintaining a sense of authority. Paul clearly takes his work very seriously and puts careful thought into anything and everything he sets his mind to doing.I really hope that Paul’s skills, ambitions and determination do not go unnoticed in the future and that he is given more and more chances to prove to others that he is an outstanding and gifted director who can bring flair, passion and commitment to any and all directing and producing roles.


Thom Short . Actor

Thom entered the profession three years ago after completed an MA in Acting. He has appeared in a range of films and theatre productions including Chekov, Shakespeare and Marlowe

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