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Paul Vitty

writer & director



Beneath is a small selections of poems by Paul. If you would like to consider including Paul's work in an anthology or  to view longer works for performance poetry please contact us at .I f the anthology has a specific theme please include the details of this in your message. Paul is also able to write poems upon request, a bespoke poem could be the perfect way to celebrate your special event or celebrate a memory or inspiring person.



The Vortex


Wondering through a vortex in my brain

Try to find out what it means to be sane

Many colours and worlds expand before

And the world doesn’t seem the same any more

Technicolor clouds fly past my face

And my shoe begins to lose its lace

My foot slips free from its binding

As does my mind floating in the world it’s finding

And the barrier of the earth is crumbling away

Finally I’ve found a place where I want to stay

My imagination breaks free from the skull that had it caged

Suddenly my body loses all its rage

I see the centre of all life producing light

In this place there is a constant stream so bright

Flying past trying to make darkness go

A new truth, a new spirit I begin to know

I’ve broken free from the body that binds me

And the pressure is gone, my spirit floats free

With all images thrown at it; my mind stays calm

It’s strong and knows nothing can do it harm

A warm glow of pleasure rushes through my body

And at last there is sight of the real me.


The Silence

The silent emptiness that deafens my soul

This sudden despair I cannot control

That stealth’ly soaks the fires that once burnt within

And damns me to fail before I even begin

Yet it doesn’t explode with a fatal bite

But prods and pulls like a scavenger in spite

It slivers and stalks in shadows; taunting me

My eyes now are wide open, why can’t I see?

I want to stand and fight, be bold and brave

Battle to save my mind from this devil’s grave

But how can I fight something I cannot see

That seeps all hope, light and energy from me

So I cower and shiver, trapped in this storm

With no sanctuary in sight, tired, lost and torn.

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